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Team 15 vist, March 2015

Team 15 was invited by Tansen Mission Hospital to provide a week-long rehab nursing training program to allow their nurses to better care for patients with complex rehab needs. NepalAbility provides funding for the neuro-rehabilitation program at Tansen Hospital. The funding allows patients with stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury to receive extended rehab treatment, and we wanted to equip the nurses to support these patients during their stay. Team 15 included two experienced Canadian rehab nurses who provided the core content and invaluable practical experience for the week-long nursing workshops. The rest of the team supported the workshops, as well as worked with staff from our own areas. There has been some turnover in the staff at Tansen Hospital, so this was an opportunity to support and build new relationships.

We ended our trip with a visit to Pokhara and Green Pastures Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre. They too have been undergoing some changes, and this spring was not a good time for NepalAbility to provide workshops. We met with the staff and hospital superintendent to talk about how NepalAbility can support Green Pastures Hospital in the future.

Team 15 included three members from Edmonton: Dr. Shaun Gray (physiatrist), Lorna Richmond and Mary Mark (rehab nurses), and two from Toronto: Edith Ng (occupational therapist) and Carol Scovil (rehab engineer).

Team 15 in Nepal!


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NepalAbility is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the treatment of people living with a disability in Nepal. Our mission is to support rehabilitation in Nepal by enhancing education, and service among Nepali healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses and therapists. Currently, our activities focus on raising funds to provide on-going mentorship, equipment, continuous education opportunities and teaching in response to the needs of our Nepali partners. Our overall goal is to promote quality of life for patients and families living with disability by supporting sustainable rehabilitation.

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